SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI)
Challenges, Patterns, Strategies & Architecture while Migration to Cloud Integration Platform

What is Cloud Platform Integration?

Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services (CPI-DS) is delivered with IBP as a preferred integration tool to send and receive data to/from IBP. However, there are scenarios where CPI-DS cannot send the data to the end system, like in case of BW4HANA, where CPI-DS does have the capability to send data to BW4HANA data stores (I will cover this in my next blog post). In cases like these we can use Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to send the data.

While more businesses have successfully set up the necessary infrastructure to automate and streamline their processes, they still have issues with personalizing applications for each department and user. With SAP Cloud Platform, businesses of any size can provide their customers and partners with an in-memory database, key services through the platform, and other business services for creating and expanding cloud applications on mobile that are personalized and collaborative.

Support end-to-end process integration through the exchange of messages.

SAP Cloud Integration helps you to connect cloud and on-premise applications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premise applications. This service has the capabilities to process messages in real-time scenarios spanning different companies, organizations, or departments within one organization.



Find real-time insight based on embedded analytics

Business Services

Accelerate application development using business services

Integration Services

Securely share and access content with your partners.

Data & Storage

high-performance applications have data management systems as storage options


Simplified development operations increase productivity

Integration Services

Integrate your applications securely


Internet of Things applications can be quickly deployed and managed

Machine Learning

Create powerful applications through the Machine Learning Foundation

Mobile Services

Easily develop enterprise-level applications


Control who has access to your data and applications

Ready to Digitalize Your Business with SAP Partner?

Ready to Digitalize Your Business with SAP Partner?
Cloud Tech relationship with SAP extends back decades. Cloud Tech is an SAP partner that validates its positioning as one of the trusted & best ERP companies and SAP partners in India.