Scheduling and Sequencing
In automation, Scheduling and Sequencing help to improve your erp efficiency

What is Scheduling and Sequencing?

Sequencing is the order of tasks to be done in chain. Hence the next task is started once the previous one is completed. 

Scheduling, on the other hand is the process in which people are assigned to time to accomplish different tasks. It improves the delivery performance and reduces the manufacturing time and cost. 

• Scheduling: The allocation of resources over time to accomplish specific tasks.
• Demand scheduling: A type of scheduling whereby customers are assigned to a definite time for order fulfillment.
• Workforce scheduling: A type of scheduling that determines when employees work.
 Operations scheduling: A type of scheduling in which jobs are assigned to workstations or employees are assigned to jobs for specified time periods.

Why is Scheduling and Sequencing?

Assists with planning ahead and the allocation of resources. It outlines the activities that need to be performed, the order in which they should be performed and how long each activity is expected to take.

Benefit of Scheduling and Sequencing

Four benefits of Scheduling and Sequencing

Accelerated order process time

Reduced costs

Accelerated on-boarding time

Minimized errors

Enhanced collaboration

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