Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)

What is SAP IBP SOP?

A process led by senior management that evaluates and revises time-phased projections for demand, supply, product and portfolio changes, strategic projects, and the resulting financial plans over the mid to long-term planning horizon.

  1. S&OP is a monthly management process that ensures that the company is focused, aligned, and engaged in those efforts the management team collectively decides are the priorities of the enterprise
  2. S&OP deals with the continuous change that occurs in the business and is a process to effectively manage ongoing change. In practice, it is called a re-planning process.
  3. S&OP is owned by the GM or CEO. It is a cross-functional process and includes all the functions of the company. Correctly implemented, it is a demand and strategy-driven process.
  4. S&OP addresses the management of key company resources in support of anticipated customer demands and expectations, new product development, and company initiatives

S&OP provides senior management control of the business. It is sophisticated simplicity resulting in an organized common sense.

Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) is a flexible forecasting and planning tool with which sales, production, and other supply chain targets can be set on the basis of historical, existing, and estimated future data.

Why need SAP IBP SOP?

The high level benefits of SOPs include the following: minimizing learning downtime, ensuring understanding of the role, ensuring consistency in the performance of duties. In today’s work environment, employee’s development plans include transitions to new roles.


SAP IBP S&OP enables companies to optimize their strategic value. It allows for innovative strategies uniquely positioned to empower supply chains.

Improved speed and agility to plan

Improved capability to forecast accurately and deliver on-time

Effectively balance supply and demand and achieve organizational targets

Harmonized process and optimal collaboration

Address cross-functional and critical business decisions

Alignment and integration of planning and execution

Improved decision making throughout the entire supply chain

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Ready to Digitalize Your Business with SAP Partner?
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