Supply and Demand Planning
Drive “Digital-Ready” Supply and Demand Management

What is Supply and Demand Planning?

What is Demand PlanningDemand planning is a supply chain management process of forecasting, or predicting, the demand for products to ensure they can be delivered and satisfy customers. The goal is to strike a balance between having sufficient inventory levels to meet customer needs without having a surplus.

Demand planning is a supply chain management process that analyzes current and projected demand to create a reliable forecast for your business. This method consists of these 10 steps:

  • Importing of historical data
  • Creating statistical forecasts
  • Importing customer forecasts
  • Collaborating with customers
  • Managing forecasts
  • Building consensus forecasts
  • Supply and demand collaboration
  • Securing constrained forecasts
  • Confirmation with customers
  • Re-examining data and adjusting planning accordingly

Why is Supply and Demand Planning?

Your business has to conduct this process in an in-depth and detail oriented manner. The more information you possess before you start the execution, the more accurate the outcome will be.

Benefit of Supply and Demand Planning

Four benefits of Supply and Demand Planning

Improves Product Forecast Accuracy

Increases Supply Chain Scheduling

Optimize Labor Management

Create Efficient Cash Flow Management

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