Supply Chain Control Tower
Navigating, analyzing, and profitably managing end-to-end operations in real time

What is Supply Chain Control Tower?

Control Tower is not a configurable module, it uses already existing configured key figures, attributes and actions from other modules. It mainly helps in analytics and alerts. Even End-Users can create number of alerts, analytics, cases to ease out on supply chain process.

Control Tower can help users in three ways – “Analytics”, “Dashboards” and “Alerts & Exception Handling.

Supply chain data and processes are siloed, extending beyond the organizational boundaries into partner ecosystems. They lack a consistent and timely view of the supply chain, leading to delays in identifying and reacting to the problems. SAP Supply Chain Control Tower combines real-time visibility into the end-to-end supply chain with analytics to assess the impact of exception conditions and make better decisions.


SCCT enables companies to optimize their strategic value. It allows for innovative strategies uniquely positioned to empower supply chains.

End-to-end supply chain visibility

Improved supply chain agility

Improved capability to deliver on-time

Cost-effective and quick customer service

Improved decision making throughout the entire supply chain

Improved supply chain performance as a result of tracking data in real-time

Ready to Digitalize Your Business with SAP Partner?

Ready to Digitalize Your Business with SAP Partner?
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