Track and Trace
Track and trace help to Ensure The Integrity of Your Supply Chain From Production to Distribution

What is Track and Trace?

Traceability information for products is often required to comply with more stringent requirements from customers and regulatory agencies.

Tracking is the primary method of guaranteeing product safety. This involves a system that is designed to follow a product through all phases of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers want to find out if equipment pass regulatory standards, whether product components are authentic, and if deliveries from contractors can be ensured.

Why is Track and Trace important?

As the world becomes more connected and supply chains become more complex, there is an increasing need for businesses to be able to track their products and the components they are made from.

Benefit of Track and Trace

Four benefits of Track and Trace

Detect fraudulent products in the supply chain

Ensure your business’s compliance with global regulatory standards

Analyze contractor patterns and quickly identify anomalies in their behaviors

Ensure the delivery of your products to customers

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